Praise for White Nights, Black Paradise

David Anderson, L.A. Progressive 

Sikivu Hutchinson has made a truly impressive fiction debut with her first novel, White Nights, Black Paradise. She has brought a unique perspective to bear upon the story of Jim Jones, the Peoples Temple movement, and the tragedy of Jonestown, one which, though fiction, sheds considerably more light upon this history than the facile depictions of the Peoples Temple as a cult…

Sincere Kirabo, The Feminist Wire

Sikivu Hutchinsons new novel White Nights, Black Paradise is a provocative and eye-opening piece of historical fiction that captures a dark moment in time and gives a voice to the Black women whose heart-wrenching stories were lost amidst tragedy.

Hutchinson meticulously weaves true life events with an analysis of religious, racial, and gender dynamics…


2 Responses to Praise for White Nights, Black Paradise

  1. Rebecca Hale says:

    We need to be sure there are copies of this book at the AHA conference. Is she bringing some? If not I need to order 15 or so to have for sale there.

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