“Sikivu is an amazing scholar and writer, with the courage to ‘betray her culture’ (as some would see it) by renouncing the religion that gives so much comfort and identity to so many people. But she does it with grace, inviting readers to escape dogmatic dependency and embrace reason, science, and humanistic morality.”

–Dan Barker, Freedom From Religion Foundation


“…filled with a dialectical analysis of why it is people of color are so religious. I think the thing I really enjoyed about the book is that explored how it is most people of color come to being an atheist in the first place, COLONIAL EXPLOITATION!”

IKONOKLAST, People of Color Organize 


“This book is filled with relevant information regarding Christianity and its magnetic relationship with the African American community, as well as explanations of the segmentation of nonwhites, including Latinos, Asians and Native Americans. Although written in a scholarly fashion, the book is accessible, relevant and straightforward. If understanding the nature of genderphilia, racism’s role in morality and the coded world political pandering, this book is for you.”

–Don Barbara, author, “Black and Not Baptist: Non-Belief and Freethought in the Black Community” 

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