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White Nights, Black Paradise film: Casting Multi-generational Black Actresses

We’re currently casting for a short film treatment of White Nights, Black Paradise in the L.A. area, looking for diverse Black women 30s-60s, queer, trans, straight  (and a few white folk): Abbreviated CAST Taryn Strayer, an African American accountant in her … Continue reading

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White Nights, Black Paradise: The Players

Who is this novel about? If you’re of a certain age, you probably remember the horror of seeing pictures of the 900 plus dead bodies of Peoples Temple church members, the majority of them African American, in Jonestown, Guyana in … Continue reading

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White Nights, Black Paradise book trailer

Due November 2015

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Now Available from Infidel Books

“So much conversation regarding atheism and humanism gains no traction, and does little to push beyond areas of comfort and well worn arguments. Sikivu Hutchinson’s work offers an important corrective to this. With clear and sharp insights, Hutchinson pushes readers … Continue reading

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The Ghost

By Sikivu Hutchinson (from White Nights, Black Paradise) The night watchwoman does not drink coffee. She never pees. Never leaves her post for a smoke break, a phone call, a fart in the subzero weather that’s kicked in the teeth … Continue reading

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Mutiny of Sons

On Jim Jones’ black and white sons, excerpt from White Nights, Black Paradise: “Could he cut himself open and quarantine the genes that were his father’s for an hour, a day, a year?” Continue reading

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The Monster at the End of This Book

From, White Nights, Black Paradise Black is surely Beautiful. The signs from our classroom float in the air, curling from the heat, rain and dried blood. We like to read. We like to play. We count down the seconds until recess. … Continue reading

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Mother Mabelean: A White Woman Speaks

By Sikivu Hutchinson From White Nights, Black Paradise They say the darker the berry the sweeter the juice. But how can that be? When blood runs so dark and deep and bitter. I was never afraid of dying or the … Continue reading

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Are We Black, Proud and Socialist?

White Nights, Black Paradise: A Novel “Sikivu Hutchinson’s vision of Jonestown, of the real people who left behind despair for what they thought was belief and hope, is a valuable one – her take is the one America hasn’t yet … Continue reading

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Prophet Zeke: White Nights

By Sikivu Hutchinson Early on as a small child I had the visions, the supreme gift, and it was recognized. Supposedly it ran in the family, through what they called the matrilineal line, but some quirk in blood gave it … Continue reading

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